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How Sports wearables can change Rio 2016 Olympics


rio-olympics-2016Rio Olympics 2016 is still 200 days away but we have started seeing the use of sports wearable technology for the event. While we keep an eye on upcoming agreements and ideas, here are three ways how sports wearable could possibly change the future Olympics.

Wearable payment device

Those who follow tech news may have already come across this news. Payment giant, Visa will be launching a wearable device to allow visitors at the Rio Olympics games to pay for goods and services inside and outside the stadium. Even though one would question the need to have another “wearable” that one will have to wear, it would be interesting to see what Visa comes out with!

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Wearable to detect doping

Doping has been a major topic of discussion in the last few years. With recent one being the “Russia doping scandal”, there seems to be no end to it. With sports wearables advancing and growing numbers of companies are successfully applying science on the data, we wonder if wearable can detect doping level that could trigger an indication for further test to the higher authorities or anti-doping global committee.

Athletes using sports wearable to train

Wearable tech was the winner of the Winter Olympics and this time it will be no different. We have already seen Williem Coertzen, a South African track and field athlete using Hexoskin vest to track fitness.

Williem is not the only one. Mounir Zok, a senior sports technologist at the Colorado Springs-based U.S Olympic Committee have worked with US diving, gymnastic, rowing, bmx and Paralympic track and field programs to use wearable technology to track fitness level. Andy Sparks, director of track cycling programs for USA Cycling says his athletes are using smart eye-wear called Solos, which gives feedback to bicyclists during training sessions based on customizable metrics.

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As we come close to the actual event, we will hear more from teams and athletes around the world and we are sure the adoption rate will jump rapidly.

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