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When we were kids most of us had our own set of doll houses or cricket kits for playing and spending our vacations or play times. But seriously! Nowadays kids have their own grown up stuff to play, before you start thinking that I am saying gibberish, just hear that Disney has launched its own wearable for the kids.

The Disney themed wearable is supposed to provide children with a natural play environment. Disney has designed- “DISNEY PLAYMATION” to keep children busy with their own fun world in any corner of the world they are in. Playmation i initially a smart eco-system with lots of wearable stuff like costumes, base stations, toys and applications which create a real-like virtual environment for the kids so that they can have a joy time.

Avengers version for the new Disney wearable

Team “Avengers” has already been the part of this new venture. The launch set consists of the Iron Man’s Repulsor Gear (complete with Bluetooth and motion sensors) with a couple of action figures (Iron Man, Captain America), a JARVIS base station and the AvengersNet App (iOS with Android coming soon). The complete play set is available in the shops across Canada and US just for $120.

For those who have favorites other than Iron Man from Avengers; or those who wish to have all cast under their hands can also buy Hulk, Ultron Bot, Black Widow, and MODOK – and an additional Prowler Bot robotic villain separately.

The most interesting part of the playmation is that it is not just some robotic stuff but the individual figures and characters are real smart and they can store data and teach other connected Playmation additions new tricks from time to time. The installed application launches different missions and targets for players to complete and achieve.

The robotic figures and toys can communicate through gesture and facial recognition feature and also infrared and radio frequency signals. It is not necessary to connect an application to the internet all the time or you do not need internet signal while playing. The sole reason for the internet connectivity is that the app needs to sync and register the kit using the web every so often.

Complete "TheAvengers" Themed Playmation kit
Complete “The Avengers” Themed Playmation kit

Along with the toys there will be an additional kit of accessories too; Home Base as well as a Gear Bag for carrying the figures around. The Repulsor Recharge Pack offers five hours of play on a single charge for the Repulsor and the Power Activator can get ten hours of play from its Recharge Pack.

Unfortunately, we will have to suffice with “The Avengers” version for now. In 2016, we can expect a load of Disney fairytales and other children eye candy-moves to be converted into toys. In early 3025, we should see a Star Wars collection hit the shops and, in between, a Frozen set should land.

Disney Playmation has currently launched in Amazon, Best Buy, Toys R Us and several others apart from the official Disney stores this week. Pre-orders for the first version already opened on 7th July and those who ordered will start getting their Starter Packs via a pick-up ceremony in Disney stores.

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