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HorseAnalytics – Empowering horse enthusiasts

People who own horses are constantly worried about the health and monitoring of their horses and many of them pay third parties to take care of their animals. For owners, its difficult to keep track of their horses all the time. This is where a new tracker, HorseAnalytics comes into picture. It help the owners in understanding workload and routines of their animals, enabling immediate notifications if required.

Founders of HorseAnalytics are, Arvid E. Picciani and Enri Chantal Strobel. These two came up with the idea of Horse Analytics.

What HorseAnalytics do is, it improves training and health of horses by applying reliable technologies from health and sports supervision, combining constant and real-time scientific analysis such as you can see how much the horse has moved and what gait. Users can also see whether this movement has taken place in the training or on the pasture. An app shows training phases, movement intensities and many other information. High-end data analysis methods and predictive analysis are used. Based on easily comprehensible analysis, fitness and health of the horse is promoted for the first time with a completely new objectivity. 

Sensors are used in modern smartphones for training monitoring. For a permanent monitoring, even in the case of owner’s absence, specially optimized wearable is used for horses which is worn around the neck of the halter and bridle.

This startup of HorseAnalytics is gearing up to pitch in at the South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. The equine company is competing in one of the ten categories called the ‘Sports Technologies Finalists’ in front of a live audience. Fifty competing technology startups will go to Texas and will face expert judges over there.

Horse Analytics won over the SXSW Screening Committee with a technological innovation for horse riding in the preliminary round. Last December, this startup also launched an application which enables the owner to keep track of their horse’s activity. The tracker sends data to a mobile device where it is displayed graphically.

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