Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Honor Targets to make $2.3 billion Next Year in Wearable Market

Import duties on wearable electronics are considerably less as compared to Smart TVs and AI Screen, which has encouraged Honor in developing an interest in wearables market.

Honor has always considered India as a giant market for itself. It is now publically sharing its interest of increasing its effort and attention on wearable market in 2020, which carries a lot of potential and promises big revenue.

“India is a huge market for Honor. In terms of launching smart devices, right now the company is focused on wearables because the import duty on them is less while on AI screens or smart TVs the duties are extremely high,” Daniel Tan said, “To overcome this challenge, we would work on establishing our own manufacturing unit or assembling unit for AI devices in India,” he kept on adding. Daniel is the Vice President at Honor Smart Life.

Many smartphone brands, which include the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi, have already stepped into the business of Smart Televisions in Indian market.

“We are less concentrating on introducing AI screens right now in India but we will definitely launch our other products specially recently launched laptops in our domestic market,” Tan said in an interview. “For smart TVs it will take some time as we need to work with local content providers for our TVs,” he added.

Around the world, use of technology has integrated itself into daily life of a simpleton now more than ever. With this, keeping the data and private/personal information secure has become one of the top concerns for everyone.

“Data is something which is a very sensitive and there are international regulations related to user data and no brand is allowed or rather should assess their user data. We as a tech giant are more focused on making our end customer rely on us when it comes to their personal data.

“We are committed not to share anything related to data to anyone, including government, until and unless it is related to international criminal,” He went on to say.

Honor, which itself comes under the umbrella of Huawei, has made clear that it is planning to increase its revenues from the wearable markets by the year 2022 exponentially.

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