Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Honor Releases Band 5 With Many New and Improved Features

Honor Band 5 can now be pre-ordered all across China as it’s official unveiling approaches.

Fifth generation in Honor Band series has held on to most of the body designs and shapes from the previous generation of the series. Honor Band 4 was released just about a year ago and it certainly ruffled some feathers in wrist bands market. Experts considered it a great alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi Band. They both fall in the same category in terms of price and specifications, so the competition was strong and heated.

Few days ago, CEO of Huawei Mr.Zhao Ming posted a photo of Huawei Band 5 teasing it’s release during this month. This photo, which was posted on a Chinese social networking website, grabbed attention of a lot of tech and fitness enthusiasts alike. What followed were some promotional posters which removed all the uncertainties about the date of release and specs about this brand new wrist band.

Honor Band 5 inherits the design from its forerunner. It retains the virtual button, colored display and sleek straps. However the display went through some upgrades as it’s an AMOLED Phantom Colour touch-screen now that will definitely enhance the visual experience of the user now.

Fitness tracker in Honor Band 5 also received some upgrades too as it can detect oxygen level in the blood now and keep a check on your fatigue. It will also alert the user for poor sleep and even diagnose hypoxemia dizziness. For those of you who are not aware of it, this is a condition that causes lower level of oxygen in the blood that can be a direct cause of lungs and heart diseases. Apart from that, we are expecting Honor Band 5 to bring along all the features of Honor Band 4 like activity and sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, water resistance and swimming modes.

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