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Honor Magic Watch 2 to be Unveiled before the Start Of 2020

Honor has released teasers of a product that appears to be a smart watch based around a Halloween theme. This product is scheduled to release before this year ends.

Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, the Chinese tech giant. It has announced that a second iteration of Honor Magic Watch is soon to be released. Apart from this, no further information has been publicised relating to this new product. Although it is expected that this new smart watch will be somewhat parallel to Huawei Watch GT 2.

Honor Magic Watch was released in China around the same time back in 2018. However, consumers in Europe had to wait a while before getting their hands on it as it was made available in European market few month later. Honor Magic Watch had a lot in common with Huawei Watch GT but its smaller size, simpler design and more affordable price made it stand out.

The teasers shared around the social media channels of Honor confirmed that this smartwatch will be similar in design to its predecessor with a circular watch face and a couple of physical buttons. And just like Honor Magic Watch, this second iteration is also expected to borrow a lot of features from Huawei Watch GT 2 which was just unveiled last month. Its display grew in size as compared to the original Huawei Watch GT thanks to the cutting down of bezels. Watch GT 2 is also available in two size variants with the larger being 46 millimetres while the smaller has a 42 millimetres case.

No news has yet been confirmed to whether any size variants of Honor Magic Watch 2 will be presented or not. Specifications wise, it is expected that this smart watch is also going to run on LiteOS just the Watch GT 2. Many of the fitness and health smart features will most likely be available in Honor Magic Watch 2 as well.

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