Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Honor launches Its Wearables in India

Honor launched three very impressive smart wearables in India under the umbrella of Honor Wearable portfolio only a few days ago. These devices carry some of the very exciting features and Honor has clearly made a statement with them. It is fishing for a wider range of audience with these high-end wearables. The Honor Band 4 Running along with Honor Band 4 and The Honor Watch have brought some of the very impressive features to the wearables market of India.

Honor Band 3 already had a handsome following in India for all its impressive features and designs. Its elegant design with a very unconventional price caught attention of a lot of consumers which made it a fairly successful device all over India. Now the Honor Band 4 is here to build on its legacy. The design looks fairly like an upgrade from its predecessor. It also carries a bigger number of new and updated features. This all makes it more functional and elegant looking. A heartrate tracker engraved inside and an AMOLED display to complement its performance, Honor Band 4 is truly here to leave a mark. All these features are topped off with a very impressively low price for the emerging market.

Honor Band 4 is more fitness centered while the Honor Watch Magic is more inclined towards helping you in getting through your daily hassles. It is made up of stainless steel, and with its thickness being just below 10mm, it is a truly comfortable wearable to have on your wrist. The body is lightweight as well so there aren’t many chances of it causing any kind of wrist problems. This watch comes with a double-sided strap and with the option of two colors. This watch also has an AMOLED screen of 1.2 inches display and touch input and 393×390 pixel resolution at the ratio of 326 pixels per inch.

Honor Band 4 is going to be priced around 2,600 India rupees while the Running version will be even cheaper at more or less 1,600 Indian Rupees. The Honor Watch is likely to cost 14,000 to 15,000 Indian Rupees depending on what version you choose.

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