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Honor Band 5 Sports Edition; An Attempt to Prevent Sports Injuries.

Honor Band 5 Sports Edition; An Attempt to Prevent Sports Injuries.

Fitness wearables have grown into a very common piece of technology. What used to be a unique brand used to assist sports teams and athletes is now available a click away. The variety of wearables available is endless but all with similar and repetitive features.

Fortunately, there has been a new development which brings the wearables a step forward. The Honor Band 5 Sports Edition; its abilities including far more than merely counting steps.

This device is not just for athletes and sports teams, but for all fitness enthusiasts. It doesn’t just track the exercises being done but also emphasizes on the type of exercise and how to make it more effective and less prone to injury.

The Design

The Band is about 50m water resistant and has a 14-day battery life. Though Honor Band 5 Sports Edition comes with a wristband made of recycled bottles, the device can be attached to footwear. It enhances the ability to monitor the running posture and landing impact.

The goal is to avoid any accident or injury. This informs the user of when they need to slow down, take a break or adjust the style of exercise.

More Uses

The wearable though designed to avoid injury, also supports competitive training. It supports the usual running, swimming and cycling. But it also includes badminton, tennis and basketball.

A wearable of the same name was released earlier a few months ago. The two devices may share a name but are not very similar. The sports version includes a smaller black and white screen and is said to be more “competitively priced” though no price has been determined yet.

With the advancement in the wearable industry daily we can certainly expect more innovation in the upcoming years.


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