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Hitting A Boxing Bag Is Great? Hykso Makes You Feel Even Better!

Hitting A Boxing Bag Is Great? Hykso Makes You Feel Even Better!

Hykso is the sports wearable for all the boxers striving to polish their skills. Boxing is one of those areas which is still struggling to get its hands on the wearable technology. Hykso is one of the beginners with an initial introduction to the inclusion of technology in wearable tech.

Hykso is a device for the boxers which allow them to keep a track of their progress over time. With the help of different statistics like number of punches thrown and the intensity with which it strike, the players will be able to get an idea of their performance. The device will also allow boxers to set goals and get fit faster than ever.

Hykso also has different video tutorials of the famous professionals and pros. The videos are shot during the training so the viewers get a complete idea on how to train properly and efficiently. You can also compare your punch output with your partners and friend. And, if you want to face a big challenge then rise against the people from other gyms.

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Hitting A Boxing Bag Is Great? Hykso Makes You Feel Even Better!

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The Hykso sensors are wrapped around the wrist and the app is connected. All the data collected is sent to your Smartphone within no time. You can track your total punches, crosses, jabs, uppercuts and hooks etc. It also helps you to measure the intensity of your workout on the bag or the pads by combining the types of punches you throw. You can set your own goal, track progress and compare and compete with others. Download the drills of your favorite professionals and train like them.

Hykso is not only about boxing and punching and competing outside the ring. But the wearable makes your every punch count. That’s why the firm has claimed that

“Hitting a bag feels great. We make it feel even better”!

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