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HitCheck App best for Baseline Assessments for Athletes


The HitCheck App is best for Baseline Assessments for Athletes around the world. Particularly useful in days of COVID-19 pandemic, this App is responsible for providing accurate assessments for players.


As lockdown opens up in the world, training sessions and coaching classes for various sports begin. Face-to-face training sessions are risky these days. Even with proper SOPs to follow and proper guidelines being activated in public places, it is compulsory that the coaches and athletes and all those involved stay safe and healthy. To ensure proper hygiene on the fields and a safety circle where the athletes are guaranteed to stay safe from any kind of risks.

Baseline Assessments carry out the tests of the players to assess their mental and physical health condition before the season begins. The data is recorded and analysed for the player to begin his performance. Yet, if the player happens to incur any kind of illness during the play, this data taken initially can be helpful in making future decision regarding his play.



The HItCheck has devised an app for performing these baseline assessments using their smartphones. Only a 10 minutes long assessment, this procedure is based entirely on standard concussion testing method. With nine different game-inspired tests, it measures neurological functions that might be affected by any brain injuries. Like short term memory loss, balance, coordination issues, impulse control, visual memory, problem solving and colour recognition.

The HitCheck App best for Baseline Assessments is used by coaches and trainers to keep a track of the players health status and monitor athletes who might appear to have minor injuries. University of Portland is already using this app to manage its athletes safety standards.


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