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HIRIS -The First Wearable Computer

Long gone are the days when wearables were not considered a proper technology and no one wanted to waste their money on them. However, this trend has changed in the recent year and the tech has finally got the place it deserved. Thanks to the creative geniuses and intellectuals who have made this possible!

One of the firms which are responsible for revolutionizing wearable world with just its idea is HIRIS. HIRIS is the first wearable computer meant to be worn anywhere, anytime and anyplace you want. It is basically a hexagonal unit that can be embedded on different mounts. Bracelets, bands, and adhesive mounts allow you to attach it to your wrist, but Hiris can be placed on any other body part or object. Now you can easily be the superhero you always wanted to be!

HIRIS -The First Wearable Computer Will Make You A Superhero
Some Of The Features Of Hiris

HIRIS is designed to fit all of your needs. It captures you movements and adapts those features with the help of different widgets. The wearable is meant to provide you with the data regarding your heart rate, fitness performance, temperature etc. You can control any other connected device with the help of this computer. On the top of everything, it also involves sports with fitness with gesture controlled widgets to give you all that you to pull off your day well.

HIRIS can be used when you are training or athletes are busy in their intense exercises. It captures your moments and controls the world of technology around you. With the help of Air Touch function, the super-computer allows you to use all its features even when wearing gloves or your hands are wet or dirty. In easy words, you can use HIRIS whenever you want and in any situation you want.

HIRIS -The First Wearable Computer Will Make You A Superhero

HIRIS has a lot of scope in this tech and functions driven world. We all need a thing which requires our minimum and gives us maximum. Just stop and think what wonders this world’s first wearable computer will perform when attached to any other wearable, like your fitness tracker or Smartwatch?

HIRIS smashed its goal on Indiegogo about 10 months ago. The experts are still changing and developing the product to their best. But, it is expected to be out among us soon!

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