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Hike in Undesirable Emotions during Lockdown Reported by Sentio Wearable

Sentio Solutions is a wearables brand based in San Francisco, USA. It has rounded up all the information gathered during this lockdown through its wearables. An assessment on this information has pointed to the fact that amount of negative and undesirable emotions has almost doubled since social distancing measure have taken place.

Feel Emotion Sensor is a wearable designed to track the emotions of the wearer. This smart wearable was launched only a few years ago by Sentio. This sensor comes in shape of a smart wearable bracelet which monitors biosignals of the wearer around the clock. There is a mobile application accompanied but this bracelet which turns the results into visuals and delivers the wearer with personalized recommendations. This all is done in order to assist people in taking better care of their mental and emotional health.

“The Feel Emotion Sensor was developed following many years of research, it uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze physiological data to detect the emotional space, and is connected to a companion app and a data-driven CBT therapy program.” stated Haris Tsirmpas. He is the Co-Founder and CTO of Sentio Solutions. “We are only scratching the surface of the potential of our technology and this will completely reinvent mental health care for the future,” he added.

These wearable bracelets are nearly identical to any smart fitness band. Galvanic Skin Response, Variability in Heart Rate, Temperature of Skin and normal activity are tracked by these bracelets to gather data. This data then runs through algorithms to understand what kind of emotion are you feeling and what kinds of affect can various factor have on your emotions.

Research conducted based on this data has evidently proved that people are being affected a lot since the implementation of these social distancing and lockdown measures. Emotions like “emptiness” and “feeling miserable” have gone through the roof.

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