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Hiji Band Is A Concussion Detector For All Sports

As per a report, Athletes around the word bear about nearly 3.8 million concussions every year. Injuries are a part of sports and many parents are worried regarding their child facing a concussion even if it is a minor head injury. But, Hiji Band is a “Movement Interactive” band by Eric Luster aimed at youth sports. The band has a technology which is able to detect an exact moment when an athlete receives a concussion.

Hiji Band Is A Concussion Detector For All Sports

As soon as a traumatic Brain Injury occurs, the band beeps to alert players that they have to leave the field and consult an expert advice. The connected app will also send an instant alert to players’ parents and coaches.

Eric Luster gathered a whole team along with former ASU quarterbacks Steven Threet and spent four years developing this sleek, concussion detecting band. He, in a statement, said that;

“We’re looking to change the behavioural aspect of the kids. We want for them to realize that concussions are a big deal, and they should leave the field as soon as they get one. We can render lots of information, because the band collects tons of data. But we have found that parents are mainly interested in getting the alert.”

Hiji Band Is A Concussion Detector For All Sports

Hiji Band has successfully raised $7,873 USD with 103 backers Kickstarter. The product is expected to completed and dispatched soon.

If you are interested and missed the Kickstarter pledging, you still pre-order the product now from company’s official website.

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