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Higher Step Counts in People over 40 Leads to a lower Possibilities of Dying Early, Study concludes


Most of the countries around the world are under lock down or severe social distancing protocols due to the outbreak of Corona Virus around the world. It has left a lot of people to be trapped at home with very little activities. These are the desperate times to come up with new activities for many individuals. According to a research, people over the age of 40 years old are at a larger risk dying early if their daily step count is low and the risk can be minimised by increased steps count.

The report has been published by the scientist and researchers working at United States National Cancer Institute in a journal few days ago. 4,840 americans were a paer of this study which had 54% women and 36% individuals were suffering from obesity. The average age of this group of people was 56.8, just a little below 57. These individuals had to wear an accelerometer in order to take track their motion for a week. The average steps count of these individuals was 9,124.

“[For] individuals that are recording around 4,000 or 5,000 steps a day on average, a fairly low number, from our data it appears that they can get substantial benefit from increasing to 8,000 steps a day,” Dr Charles Matthews said. “those already reaching 8,000 steps a day benefit from doing even more steps.” Dr Matthews is the co-author of this study.

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Those who had their steps count below 2000 showed a greater risk of death at a certain age, almost 50% more than those with 4,000 daily steps. This trend continued as people with 8000 steps were less likely to die at a certain age as compared to those who had 4000 daily steps. These trends clearly show the benefits of taking a stroll once in a while and staying in motion.