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High on Nerves? Thync’s wearable has a solution!

High on Nerves? Thync's wearable has a solution!

We have recently been looking to some very amazing wearable tech. From urine powered wearable to anti-distraction technology, we have seen quantum leap in the wearable world. Now, we have a wearable that will affect our mood directly.

A new device by Thync has added one more step to the revolution of the world of wearable by altering how we feel. Thync’s new wearable is a plastic head strip that will send electrical pulses straight your nerves. The result of the pulses would be a relaxing sensation of a massage or bracing water on the face. These are the claims of the company on its website. If it seems awkward, it really is! But there is more to it.

High on Nerves? Thync's wearable has a solution!

There are total two modes of the head band. First is the “Calm”. As the name suggests, calm mode soothes and relax you. It is good when you are depressed or fed up after your hectic routine, strap the wearable on you head and you will literally feel calm. All thanks to Thync. The other mode is “Energy”. This mode is intended to power back you and boost your mood.

The wearable takes 30 seconds to show its effects. The company claims that the process is completely painless. Despite the electricity flow, you are not supposed to feel any sensation. Every electronic vibe will take 5 to 20 minutes. In between the time slot, you are supposed to change. Not, a superhuman kind of change. The person wearing Thync technology is ought to be more tranquil, soothed, calm and relax after the process is over. An app is connected with the wearable and the progress will be shown on the Smartphone.

High on Nerves? Thync's wearable has a solution!

Apart from the modes, Thync will also help you to choose different intensity level as per your choice. The suggested power by the company resides between 60 and 80 percent. Above 65% is the Energy mode, which will give a little discomfort to you. But, the developers claim that if you feel any kind of pain or negative sensation than you are doing it wrong. Well, Bad luck!

Thync is no doubt much pricey. The entire module sets you back $300 and just include 10 adhesive strips. After strips are over, you’ll have to pay additional $20 to get a pack of five strips. This continuously adds cost to the product, so paying and paying would never end.

High on Nerves? Thync's wearable has a solution!

Avant-garde technology has its own perks. There is no other product, at the moment, which will offer you electrical neurosignaling. So Thync is one of its kinds. This is the reason it cost you heavy. Moreover, the company is constantly rolling out beneficial updates for the wearable. The most recent update includes new modes on the app; audio-guided vibes, Workout, Holiday Bliss, and Zen.

Thync is currently on the middle of the wearable world. The product certainly has to convince people with its genuinity and amazing features, otherwise no one would buy wearable with a hefty price tag. The price is obviously an issue but, on the other hand, it is important to note that Thync is a complete breakthrough in the wearable world.

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