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Hexoskin’s Smart Shirt took CES by storm, available for $300

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 has brought with it a number of amazing wearables and products that promise the positive revolution of the Tech world in sports and beyond.

Hexoskin's Smart Shirt took CES by storm, available for $300

Hexoskin’s latest wearable shirt has proved to be one of its kinds. The shirt is the connected piece of clothing, which is also compatible with famous fitness apps like Runkeeper and Strava. The shirt is lightweight and will permit wearers to know about their physical training, gym sessions, sleep tracking and other daily activities. The shirt can be used by casual players or by professional player to track everything you would except from a modern day fitness wearable. Obviously the important benefit is that you don’t have to wear it in your wrist or chest.

For now, Hexoskin is presenting its offering for $300 for limited 200 shirts. The mentioned price is $100 discounted than the regular price. It can be ordered from Hexoskin’s official Indiegogo page.

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The Hexoskin Smart biometric shirt is described as a wearable precision lab. It is made from breathable Italian fabric. The fabric is the reason due to which the shirt is lightweight and can dry in an instant without making you uncomfortable during intense workout sessions. As mentioned, even in the rain the fabric will not destroy and will absorb immediately. The shirt is designed in such a way that it can overcome even toughest of weathers. Hexoskin Smart shirt is machine washable, so you can get messy if you want.

Hexoskin's Smart Shirt took CES by storm, available for $300

The Smart Hexoskin Smart shirt can track all you want. From sleep tracking, breath measurements, heart rate, activity and healthy tracking to movement sensors, the shirt is the role model of being the perfect wearable. Even the minute ventilation rate will be captured by the shirt; tidal volume won’t be left unnoticed too.

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Hexoskin Smart shirt has 14 hours of battery life in recording mode and 400 hours in sleep mode. Don’t worry you won’t be shirtless for too long, because Hexoskin only takes 90 minutes to re-energize. The Smart shirt comes with its own apps but it can be used with number of other fitness tracking apps too.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Hexoskin said that;

“We wanted our smart clothing to work seamlessly with the best mobile apps for running, cycling, and other sports. With Hexoskin Smart, our shirts now work with apps and training programs installed on more than 200 million smartphones.”

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