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Hexoskin and Canadian Space Agency Ready To Take Smart Clothing To Space

Carré Technologies, otherwise known as Hexoskin, has striked a partnership with the Canadian Space Agency to take wearable technology to the space.

CSA and Hexoskin have signed an agreement accounting for about $2.4 million in which astronaut David Saint-Jacques will wear Astroskin smart monitoring shirt in an International Space Station.

Hexoskin and Canadian Space Agency Ready To Take Smart Clothing To Space

The smart wearable will track David’s important metrics and vitals along with his overall health parameters during his six-month visit on the ISS, which is slated for 2018. The data will be collected and analyzed within real time.

Astroskin, is basically a special fabric woven in the form of a shirt that keeps a check in all the important data of the wearer. The shirt will monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, skin temperature, breathing rate, sleep quality, activity level, and heart rate variation.

Carre Technologies had initially tested Astroskin about two years ago, when a group went to a 45-day expedition to Antarctica. The test helped in testing the limit of the fabric in extreme conditions, as it is specifically designed to stabilize the body conditions in outer space.

Hexoskin’s contract with CSA will prove to be a fruitful deal for the advent of space wearables, as it will be the first time that any company has decided to monitor health and fitness in space. It is yet to be seen that how both companies will revamp to make the Smart clothing fitting to be worn in space.

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