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Here’s Your First Affordable High Tech Hybrid Smartwatch

The current smartwatch market belongs to the hybrid watches. The customers look for a traditional appeal with specs all high tech. and hands down, there are so many such hybrids circulating the market that it becomes difficult for the customer to choose one.

The reason Stark attracted attention on its Kickstarter project is that the manufacturers have managed to integrate this minimalist gadget with high core functionality in an affordable $50.

When entrepreneur Luke Hallowell tried to purchase a smartwatch with a sleek loo and features of a fitness tracker, he realized that all of them were so expensive. He saw this market gap and created his own product. And undoubtedly, price is one of the most lucrative features of Stark.

But how did Hallowell manage to squeeze down the quality other brands are providing in triple amounts? Hallowell says, “Unlike most watch companies, we don’t use 316L surgical grade steel, Swiss movement, an Italian leather band, et cetera. This allowed us to cut our costs significantly. We used materials that made this watch affordable, yet still durable enough for everyday use.”

This every day, water-resistant, minimalist smartwatch has a stainless steel casing. On the inside, it is fitted with an accelerometer for tracking your daily activity. It tracks numerous metrics including steps, distance, run routes, duration and speed. It tracks the calories you have burned. It nudges you if you’re inactive for longer periods. It tracks your sleep cycle. You can shake the watch to take photos.

The smartwatch comes with its own smartphone app. However, it also allows you to sync your smartwatch data with Apple Health. You can set fitness goals and monitor your performance. It also connects to iOS and Android and has the facility of text messages and calls. It has the “Anti-Lost” feature and various alarms.

One of the most outstanding features of Stark is its battery life. It comes with two batteries. The one that powers the movement will keep going for 2 years, while the Bluetooth 4.0 smart module lasts over 4 months at a time. An extra smart module battery is provided with every watch. This actually translates to the amazing fact that you will never have to charge your smartwatch!

The project is already up on Kickstarter and doing marvelous. You can back up the project with a $50 for delivery in July 2017 and a $60 for delivery in June 2017.

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