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Hera Training Helps Athletes, Sportsperson And All To Stay Fit And Train Well


Hera Training, a Lyon, France-based, has created a Smart coaching Bra for personalizing the workouts and providing wearers with the data they have never received before. As mentioned, it personalizes your workouts with the help of biometric data collected from the multiple sensors fitted inside it.

As per company’s claims, the design of this Smart coaching bra has been adapted to women’s morphology with a coach adapted to women’s physiology. There are woven sensors fitted with the help of elastic band in the bra.

The workout wearable measures your heart rate data, the distance covered, speed calories burned, the difference in altitude, workout intensity, GPS, training impulse and body position etc. All these factors help in realizing how significant your workouts are and how effective their result is. What’s more is that Hera Training has claimed that this smart bra with its capable sensors is more effective and better in accuracy than wrist wearable heart rate monitors or other heart rate wearables available nowadays.

Whatever your objective is, to run a marathon, lose a dress size, get a firmer shape or keep your body fit, healthy and beautiful, Hera.training is the perfect solution to your needs.

If you are:

  • Beginner and want to work out once a week, Hera Training will help you lose weight and get in shape.
  • A Regular sportsperson that works out 2-3 times a week, Hera Training will improve the efficiency of your workouts so you can reach your goals faster.
  • or an Athlete training to perform in your next competition, Hera Training will push your limits and keep you away from injuries.

Hera Training Personal Coaching Program is built around a Workout Timeline. Each Day, Hera Training will propose you a set of exercises, but don’t worry; you will not be working out every day. Hera will let you work out the right amount of time for you to reach your goals. Hera coaches you in Real Time, talks to you while you train, give you workout videos that teach you the right movements and give you specific advice so you can train smarter.

Hera Training is currently up on Kickstarter with fast backers and 28 more days to go. A single Smart bra will cost you € 149 at a discounted price. If you are workout enthusiast and want to up your fitness game, then back the wearable from here.

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