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‘Heated Trousers’ for Cyclists guaranteed to give Optimum Performance

‘Heated Trousers’ for Cyclists guaranteed to give Optimum Performance. You must be thinking what these ‘heated trousers’ actually mean? Well, the startup HUUB has come up with a trouser especially designed for track cyclists. And what is special about that? It keeps the legs of the athletes warm with its special temperature setting controls.

HUUB Design

HUUB is well known for its garments for athletes – its cycling and swimming wear is especially popular amongst the masses. Its main aim is to provide clothing that would not only be comfortable to wear but would also increase the performance power of the athlete wearing it.

HUUB team directors made an association with a large group of athletes, sports engineers, olympians and health educationists. They called it the ‘Fellowship Of Speed’. Together they explored ideas on how to increase speed while not compromising upon comfort. They came up with this design of heated trousers that would enable athletes to perform better if their legs stay warmer. That would result in their optimum performance.

To warm up before a play is compulsory. Athletes generally require some down time between their warmup and then actually doing the track event. The warm up activity helps raise their body temperature and increase blood flow to the muscles. Now the muscles become more elastic and aerobic. A state which would enable athletes to perform better.

Optimum temperature is observed to be 43 degrees Celsius, and this temperature setting enables the athlete to feel ready to go and perform his best. Besides a scientific reason, there’s also a psychological and mental reason for athlete to be performing in a much better way as he feels at ease at this particular temperature.

Recent events where these trousers were tried out by athletes, showed positive results in performance of the players. One of the simplest ways to enhance performance, these trousers are worth giving a try!


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