A report published by a team of highly qualified scientists and researchers at Stanford Medicine has confirmed that wearable electronics like Apple Watch and other major products have a lot of advantages for the users. A study conducted for Apple Heart Study revealed that wearables can easily recognize any irregularities in heart beats and blood pressures. This alerts the users to seek any kind of professional medical care.

“We are proud to work with Stanford Medicine as they conduct this important research and look forward to learning more about the impact of Apple Watch alongside the medical community. We hope consumers will continue to gain useful and actionable information about their heart health through Apple Watch.” Jeff Willams said, regarding the study.

Jeff Williams is the COO at Apple.

According to Stanford Medicine, less than 1% of the participants were notified by their gadget of having any irregularities in their heart beat and its rhythms. The study was conducted on roughly around 400,000 participants. Apple Watch was a bit shaky at times, but it successfully diagnosed those irregularities more than 84% of the times which is a reliable enough number to put your trust on the smartwatch according to the scientists and researchers. This precise and accurate diagnosis of atrial fibrillation by Apple Watch made it reasonable to assume that it can be really helpful in tackling the problems since right diagnosis is always the first step towards a cure for any irregularities. The study also revealed that more than half of the people who were notified by Apple Watch went out too look for medical assistance.

Even though the sample space selected for the study was huge, it should also be considered that the study was sponsored by Apple. This is not supposed to take anything away from the reports but more researches in this side of things can be can be very helpful to the cause.