Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Healbe GoBe3 Gets Approval from FFC and a Design Revamp

Healbe GoBe has gotten FCC approval for its third generation. It also has received a massive redesign as well which gives it an entirely new appearance.

Healbe GoBe is so far the only smart wearable which claims to have the capability of counting the intake of calories automatically. Even its motto says “Tell it nothing, track everything”.

The original Healbe GoBe was launched sometime during 2014 on Indiegogo. It was able to raise a well over $1 million through this crowdfunding platform. Some speculated this device to be a scam while others were critics of the technology but eventually Healbe was successful in delivering a product. Healbe launched the successor of this device in 2018 which was called the Healbe GoBe 2. This successor had a lot over its predecessor including the ability to measure the amount of calories on its own without the user input. The accuracy of the readings was around 80% to 85%. This margin of error is too large to ignore. It also weighed a lot as well which just added to the worries of the users.

But now it appears that Healbe has taken care of these problems. The upcoming trackers resembles a normal looking smartwatch with its perforated strap with a sporty look. Healbe GoBe2 had Piezoelectric materials in the strap in order to track the flow of blood and heart rate. It also had a sensor for Impedance which measured the level of fluids in tissue. Healbe GoBe3 appears to have either the same or updated version of all these sensors as well.

Healbe debuted in CES back in 2019 and now just few weeks ago it received certification from FCC. It also launched v2.0 of its smartphone application as well some days back. This all leads to an eventual launch of Healbe GoBe3 soon. The smartphone application for HealBe has received a massive update in terms of user interface and display.

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