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HeadKayse Is The “One And Only” Helmet For All Cyclists

Headkayse is a protective and revolutionary helmet for cyclists, which is currently up on Indiegogo now. The helmet mentioned is simple, foldable and easy-to-use by all cyclists, whether young or kids.

Headkayse provides the wearer with increased safety. It is the “The world’s first multiple-impact protection helmet”. Moreover, the tablet has also been certified to confirm the global safety standards. What’s more is that if you are unfortunate and fall from the bike, the helmet will let you no harm. The fragile yet compatible tablet is enough to protect it and somewhat you too.

HeadKayse Is The World's First Multi-Impact Helmet For All Cyclists

HeadKayse, as told above, is for all. The size doesn’t matter because the flexible and patented adjustment system has the ability to fit any head. The helmet is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Headkayse flattens by 70% to just 5cm wide, reducing in volume by 50% from 5L to 2.5L. It implies that you have no need to worry about folding it and all.

The best part of the tablet is that professional cyclists have to go through some very strenuous marathons. The helmet, made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), is capable of absorbing high speed impacts leaving you no chances of concussions and injuries. The extremely tough outer protection layer of Headkayse is tear proof, and resistant to sharp objects.

HeadKayse Is The World's First Multi-Impact Helmet For All Cyclists

Headkayse teams to do a lot more than that if the campaign succeeds. They plan on introducing new technologies, colors and different other variations if the suggested money is raised. However, the campaign has only a day left and it has raised more than it actually wanted. It means that all the big plans and dreams of the firm will be launching soon with the helmet. Headkayse has managed to collect £63,364GBP which is 106% of £60,000 fixed goal.

So if you are cyclists and are interested in having this helmet, then jump to the Indiegogo page, read more about it, and order your favorite perk now. Headkayse will retail for £89 after the production is over.

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