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Have You Decided To Get World’s Smartest Soccer Ball For Your Kids?

Soccer and Football are considered as those sports which are favorites of the children, around the globe. However, a startling revelation is that after the age of 13, majority of the kids stop playing the game at all. This is the reason InsideCoach Smart Soccer Ball Trainer has jumped to motivate children to play this game longer and with more enjoyment and fun.

The new technology by InsideCoach challenges the kids to play more and build their skills, efficiently. The new ball and the connected Smartphone app are designed to be “the world’s smartest soccer ball”. The Android and iPhone compatible app send the data to the Smartphone with the help of Bluetooth within no time. The data is collected through the sensor fitted inside the ball.

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Have You Decided To Get World's Smartest Soccer Ball For Your Kids?

The app after receiving the data can collect gauge the elements like passes, trajectory, dribbling, ball touches, juggling, force, overall playtime and spin. Players can also use the app to improve their skills with the help of different coaching techniques and step-by-step tutorials and videos. Simple graphs and charts are provided by the app to explain your data.

The users can also compete with their friends, set records together and other competitive skills which can be improved along with the passage of time. The smart ball is also great for coaches and parents to assign training and skills, with progress being easily tracked along the way.

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Have You Decided To Get World's Smartest Soccer Ball For Your Kids?

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The Smart has same weight and size as the other soccer balls available. The ball can easily be used indoors and outdoors. The battery lasts up to four hours and can be wirelessly charged with the help of a Qi charging pad.

The InsideCoach is currently up on Kickstarter with 35 days to end and the goal of $25,000. With 83 backers the Soccer pair has already raised $22,790. The shipment is expected to start by December 2016, if the goal is met.  The Soccer Ball will be available for $185.00 but the backers will only have to invest $99.00.

The InsideCoach is also encouraging the third-party developers to design new, compatible apps. This means that the firm is open to more intelligent ideas, and methods to make Soccer better than ever for kids. Let’s see what happens!

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