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Have fun outdoor times’ with Bonx wearable Walkie Talkie!!

We have loads of wearables that keep us fit, track our steps or gauge our calories etc. It is for the first time that we have a wearable that is entirely going to change our outdoor activities scene.

Have fun outdoor times with Bonx' wearable Walkie Talkie!!

The device which is named as The Bridge is the product of the Bonx. Bridge started crowdfunding on October. The campaign is going to end soon. It is startling to see that the crowdfunding raised over $180,000 which is a huge success. The initial target was to collect $8,000 in about 40 days.

The Bridge is worn on ear. It has Bluetooth which will connect to your Smartphone app. The main purpose of the device is to allow you to connect with your friends, wirelessly, when you are in an adventurous road trip. The company promoted the device mostly for skiing and snowboarding.

Miyasaka, CEO of Chikei, the startup behind Bonx is himself an experienced snowboarder. He was also a NPO teacher. Miyasaka learned from his tiresome and complicated teaching experience and, therefore, went out to design some product which can ease the adventurous time for all.

He said in his statement that those people who are not a fan of the outdoor games and are not into the adventurous stuff won’t understand the new technology. He also said that before this product, there was no proper way of communication between groups while trekking or skiing or doing any other simple outdoor activity.

Have fun outdoor times with Bonx' wearable Walkie Talkie!!

Miyasaka practically explained that with the advent in SIM electronics, it is now possible to receive signals even in mountains. But, fetching your phone from the overnight bag is itself a hectic. And even if you find your device, smoothly connecting is always worrisome.

In his official statement, Miyasaka noted that;

“I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have real-time communication for outdoor activities,” and that was the start of the idea the led to Bonx’s development. The concept of Bonx could even be called the GoPro of communication.”

One of the main feature of the app is a Smartphone connected app called Product. The app will deliver the data to the app over Bluetooth as well as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The data is transmitted between the hardware and the dedicated app.

Product feature also scans the area with Bluetooth and find all those people who are a part of the app. The new group will automatically be created adding all the nearby people. There is a button on the surface of the device, which, you will have to push in order to communicate with the group members. It is also capable of tuning into hands-free mode; which means that the transmission will electronically start with just the voice detection.

Have fun outdoor times with Bonx' wearable Walkie Talkie!!

Bonx’s user interface included in the Bridge is also of great value. It has two main buttons. One of the buttons is big while other is relatively small. The buttons can be easily pressed even when you are wearing gloves. Apart from pressing, the interface will work with an app that is specifically designed for UI to be used on location.

The hardware of the wearable will only transfer the data when the battery protection mode is on. Also, when the signals are weak and you cannot listen to the voice messages properly, than the device would save all of them, temporarily. The messages will be played when the signals are back.

The Bridge was developed using the voice recognition technology. The voice data transmission system can even work in extreme-weather conditions or during excessive background noise etc.

The product will take almost one year to develop. Still, we all know that it will have great worth in the mountainous and adventure-loving regions.

You can see all the details of the project on the crowdfunding page of the device. You can see and still decide, if you want to back this product or not.

We are very excited to have this product in reality. Are you?

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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