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Harry Potter Themed Smartwatch by OnePlus Will Come In 6 Different Faces

Launching soon is the Harry Potter Themed Smartwatch by OnePlus. Harry Potter fans and well-wishers will be really excited to hear this news, that they will be able to own their favourite themed smartwatch really soon!

This new smartwatch with six different watch faces will be making its appearance in different parts of the world in a few weeks time.

Two of these faces correspond to the Hogwarts itself and the Hogwarts Seal, whereas the remaining four are for the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Faces with these houses have matching colour themes as their flags.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition Tipped to Launch in India in Coming Weeks

Limited Edition, this exclusive collection was announced officially in March during the One Plus Watch launching event. Now finally, they will be introduced in the market very soon. Apart from the uniquely branded look for the Harry Potter edition, the rest of the specifications and details will be quite similar to a OnePlus smartwatch.

OnePlus Watch specifications

As mentioned earlier, there is very likely that there be much difference in the Specifications details in the recently launched OnePlus smartwatch and this upcoming Harry Potter-themed smartwatch by the same company.

harry potter watchThis limited edition will be based on the same hardware as the original version. It will run on Real-time Operating System and will only support Android OS. With a 1.39-inch HD (454×454 pixels) AMOLED display, the watch is expected to contain many sensors. These will include acceleration sensor, gyroscope sensor, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate and blood oxygen sensor, ambient light sensor, air pressure sensor, and capacitance sensor. Also, it will be facilitated with a GPS feature and Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. With a battery of 402mAh, the run life of the smartwatch will be around 14 days with typical use, 5 days with sleep blood oxygen monitoring, and 25 hours with continuous exercise with GPS. Moreover, the watch will be completely water-resistant.

The Harry Potter Themed Smartwatch by OnePlus is estimated to be priced at around $150 – $170, which is slightly more than a regular OnePlus smartwatch. Not very pricey, the smartwatch is definitely going to be a big hit with Harry Potter fans across the globe.


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