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GymWatch is the cool personal trainer for Gym geeks

GymWatch is the cool personal trainer for Gym geeksWe, on this very site, have told you about different gym wearables which tell you about your workout and even give you a detail analysis of what you did and what you need to do. Such types of wearables have one thing in common they count your steps and tell you about your good night sleep and not much more. The new GymWatch is all about Gym and is exclusive for the gym fitness nerds.

Either the GymWatch is worn on the leg or on the arm. It helps you to build muscle through a proper way and channels your energy in a positive form. It also makes sure that you are gyming properly. The GymWatch turned out to be a huge success on Indiegogo in May 2015. Starting its journey from the famed fund raising platform, the Gym band managed to raise $160,000 leaving its initial dream of $85,000 much behind.

GymWatch is the cool personal trainer for Gym geeks

Coming to the details of the band, there is a white logo on the top of the sensor that will glow whenever it is in action. At the bottom of the sensor there is a Micro USB charging port. There are two different sized Velcro straps. The longer strap can be used to wrap the sensor around the upper area of the leg while the smaller one is designed for a lower arm or bicep.

The GymWatch works in a very unique way. It has a set of motion sensors that work through a very specific way. In the small body of the band are accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The combination of the three tracks your hands and joint movements and gauge the tension caused during different muscle contractions. The data will be sent to you with a proper analysis on a Smartphone app with a help of Bluetooth. The band will also stay compatible with weight machines, dumbbells and different exercises which adjust your weight.

GymWatch is the cool personal trainer for Gym geeks

The app is compatible on both Android and iOS phones. The app is divided into various different sections which help you in workouts. There are various bunch of exercises mentioned for the muscles of the different parts of the body. The battery of the device is pretty great. GymWatch’s management claimed that it can be used for about 8 workouts straight. Also, the battery charges to full within an hour.

The early backers who supported the product have already started to receive it. Everyone who wishes to order this product can jump to Amazon, where it is currently available for $99.

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