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GymTrack Is The Future Of Fitness Gym Wearables

GymTrack is a unique gym wearable which automatically tracks your workouts. With the help of SmartPin and Barbell attachment, the wearable easily keeps check of your all gym activities. Anyone can install Gymtrack into their gym in an afternoon.

Long gone are the days when the trainers had to worry about the manual performance entry of all the gymers. From weight to cardio, everything is self-recorded with this wearable in a matter of seconds. GymTrack’s proprietary sensors install easily on to any existing equipment and eliminate the need to track manually.


GymTrack gives you access to all the metrics you ever needed. Heart Rate, time under tension, stability, motion, tempo and progress all collected in a record time. Due to the workout builder, trainers can build workouts for their clients and update them on the progress. All they will have to do is to select exercise, sets and weights, add reps, etc. The workout builder will take care of all the data and will send it into the connected Smartphone app.

Gymtrack increases the adherence of the gym members to the exercise plans and enhances their ability to meet the goals. The advance gym data collected will help members achieve their health and fitness goals. Long term progress and comparing workouts have never been easier with the Gymtrack platform.


GymTrack’s iOS and Android Apps allows for members to refer to their workout plan in real-time in the gym. The app completely revolutionizes the way members and the trainers see and feel about a gym. The company on its website stated that;

“72% of exercises use some type of technology device during their workout program and more than half consider themselves more successful at achieving their goals because of it.”

This statement is the clear indication of the gym success of the GymTrack. You can pre-order it from here, and the app can be requested from here.

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