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GraphWear Technologies To Use Its Wearable Sweat Patch On NFL Players

GraphWear Technologies To Use Its Wearable Sweat Patch On NFL Players

GraphWear Technologies is channeling its latest wearable patch technology, in the line of other technologies, on a professional NFL football team. The wearable patch assesses sweat to find out what’s going inside the wearer.

GraphWear wearable patch, by assessing sweat, will analyze the electrolyte and glucose levels of the players. The reason behind this extensive tracking is to keep the user hydrated at all times, especially athletes who need to keep themselves filled with appropriate amount of liquid throughout the day.

Rajatesh Gudibande, CEO GraphWear Technologies, in a relevant statement said that the pilot study would use the hydration patch to make an impact on the performance of the athletes.

Athletic teams will help us validate the technology, but we also need to gather more robust data

GraphWear plans to launch the beta version of the wearable for athletes by May next year, while the patch will be properly marketed by 2018.

Many other companies are currently experimenting with sports wearables which will monitor the health, activity, and progress of the athletes through sweat. It may take some time but assessment through sweat can be one of the most reliable method to track the players’ fitness. Finally, a big football platform like NFL stepping up for the transition to sweat patch wearables is definitely opening up a new chapter for Sports Wearables.

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