Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Garmin launches brand new Fenix 5 plus Smart-watch series

Sports enthusiasts can look forward to a new set of sports watches that have been released by Garmin, the Fenix 5 plus series. These new wearables come packed with brand new features to help users with their workouts and mimic some characteristics only seen, as of yet, in smart watches. The main focus of the build is on durability, ranking them pretty high up, and the expected price range is $700-$1150.

The series includes the Fenix 5S plus, 5 plus, and 5X plus; the difference between the models depending on the battery life, size (ranging from 42mm to 51mm), and build materials. All models have a low power mode setting, named Ultra-Tac. The biggest model, the Fenix 5x plus, has a maximum battery life of 20 days, which is reduced to 13 days when the watch is in GPS and music mode. Next up, the Fenix 5 plus will run for a maximum of 10 days, reduced down to 8 days with GPS and music. The basic model, Fenix 5s plus, will last a maximum of 7 days, which gets reduced to 4 hours with GPS and music. The bezel of these watches is either made of stainless-steel or titanium, the steel ones being PVD-coated and the titanium ones come with a titanium bracelet.

In terms of the software, these brilliant new watches are inclusive of calls, texts and emails, all available via connectivity to a smartphone. The music storage allows the user to keep as many as 500 songs on their device, using Bluetooth for audio playback. The watch also features navigation, maps, and location tracking with different settings for running or walking routes. Finally, to really top it off, the bigger Fenix 5X comes with a built in Pulse Oximeter, allowing users to keep a track of their oxygen saturation and pulse.

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