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GPSports’ Vest or “Man Bra” is Helping Sports Professionals Around The World

GPSports' Vest or "Man Bra" is Helping Sports Professionals Around The World

Activity tracking in sports is no new thing. However, mass tracking with one wearable is definitely something that shocks us all. The wearable in question is “the man bra”, or simply known as a skin-tight vest. The vest has been made by an Australian tech company GPSports.

The activity tracking vest has helped and tracked around 150 sports teams and their performance. The latest name in this list is the college basketball team, Penn Quakers. This wearable is surely the first wearable that has been used by so many teams for different games.

The Skin-fitted vest has a built-in slot which is designed for GPS enabled High Performance Unit. It also includes a heart rate monitoring chest strap and an accelerometer. All the heart rate data, speed, density etc is instantly uploaded to GPSports’ desktop software.

The coaches or trainers can see all the essentials through the app. Like, which player is pulling their weight properly and which is not. The software is fast and efficient. GPSports claims that it saves up to two hours per day. Moreover, the average data processing time for each set of players is just 20 minutes. The claims are not claims and quite literally this men bra is efficient.

The wearable has managed to pave its way into 10 sports and around 150 teams, globally. The mass adoption in itself is applaudable. As per the international sales manager, Damien Hawes, the GPSports wearable is being used college basketball Ivy Leaguers, the Quakers too.

Jamal Lewis, the Quakers guard in a statement, said that;

“It’s pretty valuable to have things like that and have data on how much we run in practice.”

Many other famous teams in different sports are already using Smart clothing as their fitness, wellbeing and performance tracking weapon. However, the cost of the single vest is $1000. The price is way too much but it assures that the usage is limited to professional players only.

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