Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Google Wants You To Forget Google Glass – Starting Project Aura

Project Aura is actually Google Glass 2 which has fallen under Tony Fadell after moving out of Google X labs. It is one of the most mysterious wearable that has been made, till date. Latest version of this Google Glass is expected to be waterproof, foldable and more strong.

At the beginning of 2015, the original Google Glass project was shuttered by Google. However, after that time, there have been some reports of something new being underway.

What went wrong with Google Glass:

The device was designed in such a fashion that is kept spectacles in place while doing physical work such as running, but some Google Glass wearers had problems with device. Main objection was towards the privacy related to device’s camera. Many Glass wearers were concerned about filming, surreptitious photography and hacking. Moreover, this device was also banned from movie theaters, casinos, bars and restaurants because of privacy issue. People who used Google Glass also reported of having migraine or headaches after prolonged use of device. It remains to be seen if Project Aura could address at least one of those concerns.

What’s New in Project Aura:

After deleting all the information about Google Glass eye wearable head mounted device, Google the great tech giant, is currently working on a new version of its face mounted device. Moreover, this Aura squad is not ditching screens altogether, basically this audio-focused gadget would be designed as a ‘sport’ device.

This project is not only based on a wearable for eyes. Aura also aims to improve audio communication and this project will likely result in two products, one will target corporate customers and the other will be aimed at consumers. However, Google Project Aura is in many parts. The first is one is a new version of Google Glass Enterprise Edition, which will be waterproof, foldable and more strong. The second has no screen but use bone conduction speakers in order to communicate with the wearer, which will be aimed specifically for sports users.



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