Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Google Plans To Experiment With Another Smart Wearable

Though only the recently granted patent has got us so excited, we have to wait to see if the actual product creates frenzy in the tech savvies or not.

If we recall, back in 2012, Google came up with Google Glass which was such a failure that its sales were halted in 2015. Now Google has announced to experiment with another smart wearable. It has a recent patent called as “Wearable camera systems.”

The company is looking to develop a system of a weird looking hat which is built with a removable video camera mounted on the brim, data storage and a wireless connection.

The user can takes pictures, make videos, capture live streams, and share the content directly to social media sites via its smart app. The device will also have a microphone so that the user can capture sound too. The speaker will let the smart hat wearer hear the captured content via bone conduction technology.

The smart app will have interactive sessions to technically assist the hat wearer in case he is stuck with its functionality. In case of an emergency situation the hat can deliver images and GPS information to it “emergency situation server system” present in the smart mobile app.

Though the idea seems like an intriguing and innovative one; the drawback for Google will be the not-so-stylish design of the hat. Let’s still hope Google’s patent be more successful than its previous devices.

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