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Google Pixel Watch & Pixel 6a Details – As far As We Know From Rumours

Here’s all about the Google Pixel Watch & Pixel 6a Details – as far as we know from rumors. As the world waits for an official announcement coming up from Google, here we are with all that we know about this first-ever wearable watch coming by them.

To be arriving sometime in Spring 2022, or early summers, most probably in Google’s official event Google I/O held each year. This is the first official smartwatch coming from Google. Until then, they have owned Fitbit and also created software for other smartwatches. But their own watch has never appeared so far. Hence, they do not have much competitors in the market who may compete with their own items.

According to a report from Insider, they may very likely launch their smartwatch in spring this year. But since the testing phase is still carried on, the final outcome will vary on the results. Google, each year, holds an annual function in May where they announce their latest products and updates for the upcoming year. There are chances that the reveal may happen in that event.

Google Pixel Watch Appearance

The first pictures that we have received of the new upcoming Google Pixel Watch have a circular dial with a very simple look. Simple, yet smart, giving a very minimalist look, the Pixel watch resembles the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in appearance. With almost no buttons or bezels, the watch will have a crown for navigation. It may come with changeable bands for consumer customization.

As far as reports from Insider and Prosser are concerned, we get to know that Google watches may come in three different versions. We don’t exactly how these versions will differ, either in size or color. Right now, we know that the Pixel watch is to appear in black, gold and grey shades along with a 32 GB memory storage.

Google Pixel Watch Features

So coming up with almost all health and wellness-related features, the Google Pixel Watch  will have almost all health tracking features. These include heart rate monitoring and step counting. It is possible that we may see features similar to Fitbit smartwatches and trackers in this particular watch. Rumours say it, that Google is working on a new smartwatch software that may attempt Fitbit integration for Wear OS.

Also, since Google Nest Hub 2 has the capability of snoring detection and breathing monitor, it is likely that this feature may also be incorporated in the upcoming watch.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch May Run On Wear OS

The new Wear OS smartwatch platform, as was revealed in Google I/O event last year, may be seen in this upcoming pixel watch. It will offer better service with faster performance and an intuitive user interface. It will also be able to better integrate Google and Fitbit services.

Google Pixel Watch Battery Details

Just like the Apple watch, Google’s smartwatch will have to be charged on a daily basis. Battery power may finish in 24 hours. Reports are that Google might be working to further improve upon the battery life.


There is still so much about the Pixel Watch that we know nothing about. Especially the pricing and availability factors are totally not known. Also, more importantly, we are unaware of which chip will power it. Another issue lying unknown is the devices that will be compatible with it.

As soon as we get more information about Google Pixel Watch & Pixel 6a Details  and all these underlying issues, we will definitely update you. Watch out for this space.


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