Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Google Maps on Apple Watch make a comeback!

Finally, Google Maps on Apple Watch make a comeback again. We were all waiting to see this, weren’t we? Now you can use Google Maps from any where on your Apple watch.

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Lately, Google is designing and setting up a new app. This app will allow the user to search for any location and get directions for that place. these directions will be for cycling or driving. Also, time required to make that certain travel will also be listed down. The user can even compare the different routes it can take through different modes to reach the destination point.

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The app will be available in the following weeks. Also, it will work with public transit. A very convenient app, the Google Maps comeback on Apple watches has been applauded internationally. People around the world can have access to this app. They can use it to their convenience. As the user puts in his location and enters the destination, a map will automatically generate in front of him.

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Recently, Google Maps on Apple Watch had completely disappeared. Users of the smartwatch, disapproved of this decision and were waiting anxiously for this app to arrive again. Now,you can use iPhone to begin navigation. Then, continue getting directions on your Apple watch.

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Moreover, the Google Maps app is making yet another transformation! The app will support CarPlay’s split-screen functionality. Hence, the user can use other apps and run media files along with this app. All at the same time. It was a request by the CarPlay users to Google to introduce such a feature

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