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Google Fit Update Introduces Smoother User Experience


New update to Google Fit, Google’s very own smartphone fitness application, has simplified the access to stats and activity metrics for its users. One can access them with only a simple swipe or a tap.

Google has been improving its smartphone fitness application with every single update, one after another. We saw the introduction of dark mode and sleep patterns in last few updates. Some of the  Home Screen widgets were also added last year in addition to monthly activity challenges. Breathing exercises and activity tracking in the app also saw major improvements as well. Step counts was replaced by stats like Heart Points and Move Minutes in one of these updates as well.

The latest update however introduces another useful aspect by making all the stats more accessible. This fairly small but significant update keeps you from wasting your time in looking for stats and having to dig deep for that.

The update is for both iPhone and Android users alike. This new update spares your time wasted in having to open the app to access the stats. Instead, a Google Fit widget can be added on an Android’s Home screen. Just a simple tap on that widget will provide you with all the stats you are looking for. While iPhone user would need make sure that their Google Fit widget is enabled and a leftwards swipe in Today towards the widget will display them their activity metrics.

This new update is not meant to make any news, rock any boats or cause a trouble to the competitors. However, it shows that Google has started to focus on the every small little detail of its fitness application to make it more user friendly and eventually get it more into the mainstream. Health and fitness wearables market is still in its growing phase and Google is recognizing that by adding to it.

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