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Google Acquires FitBit

Google Acquires FitBit

Google has now definitively acquired FitBit. The company made this official in a post earlier today.

In recent years Google has made progress with partnerships i.e. Wear OS and Google Fit. And now we have more reason to invest in Wear OS.

FitBit has been a pioneer in fitness wearables and has created engaging products and a wide community of users. With FitBit’s team of experts Google can now produce the best AI, software and hardware. With this new team we can not expect anything less the best.

Google has always aspired to make life easier, enhance Knowledge, success and happiness. FitBit has the same aims and goals; to focus on wellbeing and creating a society of active, aware and healthy people. But to get this right they must prioritize privacy and security. This is a great responsibility, providing transparency for consumers. Specifically, in fitness wearables. It has been clarified that no data collected by FitBit would ever be used in google adds. FitBit users would have the option to move or delete their data. And all users would be updated on what data is being collected and why.

Google plans to work with FitBit to combine the best of their smartwatches and fitness trackers. Google is paying $7.35 per share for Fitbit in an all-cash deal which totals about $2.1 billion.

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