Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Golfstream adds Augmented Reality (AR) to Golf

A team of NASA/JPL rocket scientists and roller coaster engineers have built a patent-pending greens that changes topography to simulate famous golf courses around the world. It then projects a laser guidance and engaging graphics on the surface to add entertainment to the mix.

Golfstream makes it easy for newcomers to be introduced to the game of golf. It includes gamification in the laser guidance making it a fun and competitive for all age groups and at all skill level. Furthermore, mini-games have been added targeting a group of players (ideal for office events).  It then lets you share your shots/reactions on Instagram and using visual analytics, it helps you improve your game.

The Golfstream Suite then combines these greens with VR simulators and a luxurious caddy shack / lounge area for all your F&B and entertainment needs. Golfstream is currently in a soft launch phase. It’s gearing up for production soon as the company has raised a seed round of $3.5 million from athletes, influencers, and private equity firms, including Masters champion and Golfstream advisor Ben Crenshaw; Coore & Crenshaw’s Scott Sayers; former NFL athlete and NCAA champion Alex Holmes; Danny Karubian of Valiant Capital Partners; and the Korenvaes Opportunity Fund.

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