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Golden State Warriors Won Championship Due To Wearables, Says Iguodala

Golden State Warriors Won Championship Due To Wearables, Says Iguodala

NBA is considered a golden game. All the fans stuck to the game with the popcorn in their hands and racing brains thinking what will happen next. At one moment, one team is winning while at the other the game entirely reverses. This is why the NBA teams practice and train harder each year. If we look into the 2014-15 NBA championship’s ultimate winner the Golden State Warriors, there are many reasons the team took the season by storm.

Golden State Warriors had one of the best team lineups with the healthiest completion and the best roster of the league. The team also found various advantages over the other teams. There are many reasons and the list would continue on and on if I start to write about them. However, the most important of all the reasons is the one all teams can easily adopt.

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The most beneficial aspect of the Golden State Warriors winning the league was the wearable technology used during the practice sessions. The technology helped the teams to find out when the player was most vulnerable to injuries or when fatigue or anxiety is gripping them. Similarly, it also helped them to know what kind of risk the player will be facing in the upcoming game of the league.

It must be noted that the use of wearable technology is not new in the NBA. Many teams have used various wearables to gauge the performance and the other analytics of their teams. However, the Golden State Warriors have taken the wearable tech too seriously and has used it as no team ever.

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If you are any doubtful about our revelation here, read the words of the Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala by yourself;

“The wearable market helps athletes more than anybody. You can say they help us win the championship. Too much information could be bad, but just the right amount could help us go a long way.”

It clearly proves that the Warriors had their luck as well as the perfect statistics to win them the season. Let’s see if other teams are clever enough to consult wearable tech or not!


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