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Golden State Warriors Take help from Viber for Enhanced Fan Experience

Golden State Warriors has a huge fan following from not only the United States but around the world which makes it, without a doubt, NBA’s very popular team. The team has considered this popularity and is expecting to build on it with a more direct relationship with the fans. This lead to some of the most unconventional sounding methods as the digital and media department of Golden State Warriors has focused on Viber, a very impressive source of modern communication.

“The NBA is very attractive from an international fan base perspective, so from the Warriors’ perspective, we want to participate in that conversation where it feels natural,” said Jeremy Thum “Fans with a mobile device have access to information anytime, anywhere. Sports teams and, hopefully, the Warriors, are a passion brand, and there is an interest in following along at the convenience of the fan.”

Jeremy Thum is Warriors’ senior director of digital experience.

“There is an existing user base of the Rakuten Viber messaging app in markets that the Warriors’ brand has not seen quite as much penetration in, and that is attractive to us,” He added.

“The great thing is we can communicate directly with those fans in markets that are different from markets traditionally known as NBA markets, or outside of the traditional Golden State Warriors fans,” said Bridget Rusk, Viber’s business development director. “We are able to communicate in their local language. Messaging apps try to perpetuate engagement on gamedays and non-gamedays, and it’s a way for teams or leagues or influencers to keep momentum around fan experiences. What we’re seeing is that messaging is serving as the primary platform for sharing information and thoughts and feelings with fans’ closest friends and family. They tap into that, and they share with people they love.” He added.

Thum ensured that messaging will see a new highlighting through the partnership with Viber but in now way will it take back anything from their presence in the social circle.

“It feels more authentic,” Thum went on to say as much as “We’re able to create a feeling that, if you’re interacting with the Warriors’ brand on a one-to-one basis, that touchpoint is different than having a message that’s intended for millions.”

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