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Global Expansion Makes $4.5M for a Tech Firm in Singapore

A startup based in Singapore known as KaHa aka CoveIoT was successful in raising $4.5m investment from major financers like Titan, as well as SPRING seeds capital.

KaHa sketches and manufactures many wearables including fitness trackers and smartwatches. It provides all the technological support there could be including cloud storage and data analytics in addition to designing electronics and printed circuit board assembly.

Its brands and platforms like Internet of Things, Covenet and Cove make possible the connectivity between wearables to other technological devices for consumers, which allows watchmakers, sportswear manufacturers and other third-party entities to combine these smart wearables with their prevailing product offerings.

Pawan Gandhi, The CEO of KaHa asserted that this platform-based line of action has made this start up distinctive from all types of companies working on wearables, including major companies like Xiaomi or even Apple. For him, what made this startup different from others was the fact that it provided end-to-end solutions completely to all its partners. 

SPRING Seeds capital is one of the investors who have supported KaHa. It is a major investment brand of Singaporean Government agency SPRING. $5000,000 investment was made by Titan recently, which comes under the umbrella of Tata Group of India.

Ted Tan, the deputy chief executive of SPRING, expressed his desire of accelerating IoT’s development with their ‘Smart Nation’ scheme. He also praised KaHa’s efforts in introducing new and efficient ideas in the market by turning conventional companies of watches and other accessories into developing smart wearables.

Kaha was founded in 2015 and it already has established its mark and now it is planning to expand its position in Asia, Europe and America. With offices in major cities including Singapore, Bengaluru, Geneva and Shenzhen it is planning to go big and make full use of the recently raised funds.

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