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Glassy Zone improves your surfing techniques

glassy-zoneWater and its games are always a fun to deal with. But, when it comes to fitness and health via such sports, gauging your perfection becomes quite difficult. Still, long gone are the days when we used to worry about spoiling our cell phones and watches under water. With the remarkable boost in the wearable and tech world every other game and recreational sport is easily under our palm.

After swimming, running, jogging and whatnot, soccer has also got its new wearable. The new device named, Glassy Zone was recently launched via Indiegogo on 14th October starting at $99.

Glassy Zone tracks your fitness and focuses on improving the surfing techniques. It also deals with the areas like protecting you from UV rays harm and overall health safety while surfing. Although, the bracelet is mainly focused around Surfing but it can feed every activity, a wearer do within a day starting from rest, calories, UV exposure, and the different surfing activities in the water.


The plus point of Zone is that the device is entirely designed and developed by surfers so everything that is included is near to the perfection for other surfers. The bracelet is compatible with any iOS or Android device with Bluetooth Services.

Through the use of this device, the surfers can course through peculiar parameters like finding the time limit it takes for a surfer to paddle as compared to the time spend on waves.  Glassy Zone also allows surfers to check their performance if they are competitive or not. It helps you differentiate your achievements with the competitions and leader board.  All you have to do is to open the app, search for your friend and then start surfing.

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The Glassy Zone also records the maximum speed reached while surfing. It also has tracking abilities where it records the route covered as well as the number of waves ridden in the session. Essentially it aims to let surfers better understand their performance. Surfers can also customize the app with future forecasting alerts based on custom variables you choose like temperature, period, and size etc.

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Apart from its use in surfing, the bracelet can also be used in improving the health conditions when faced to UV radiations regularly which are the important reason in leading towards skin cancer. Glassy Zone sends notifications when the quantity of rays turns higher than the normal intake. Apart from this feature, it has all the specs of other fitness wearables like steps and calories tracking etc.

What makes this wearable distinctive is that no other smart watch, fitness tracker or any other device of the same nature has focused on improving practical health conditions. Or such harms which are faced by us in our everyday life.

The multi-purposed Glassy Zone can be used both inside and outside of water. You can buy the bracelet for $99, through the campaign, which is 50% off the retail price via Indiegogo.

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