Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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GlassUp UNO – The first smartglasses line by GlassUp

GlassUp is the augmented reality startup which is based in Modena. After accomplishing the prototype phase, GlassUp will exhibit its disruptive new product during one of the most important industrial fair, the Wearable Technology Show, in London. GlassUp was founded by CEO Francesco Giartosio and Gianluigi Tregnaghi. The founders of GlassUp has always focused on making efficient and reliable model of smartglasses. The main objective of the company is to bring augmented reality in daily life.

Just like every GlassUp project, UNO smartglasses are designed to reproduce through Bluetooth contents of mobile devices directly on the right lens of eyewear, allowing users to get rid of constant distractions and bad postural habits. Moreover, the holographic technology made by Italian startup allows user to see all requested data on the right lens of eyewear without stressing his lateral view.

The LCDdisplay is 0,35” wide, with a 640×480 pixel resolution, along with ambient light sensor which allows projection of perfectly defined images in shades of green. The smartglasses temples represent the real control center of UNO with their multitouch surface, they make interaction between mobile devices and UNO possible. The ly-polymer battery is rechargeable with an average duration of 8 hours. With the launch of UNO, GlassUp succeeds in the revolutionary endeavor of giving a reliable product, starting at accessible price to a great number of users. Style of UNO has been inspired to the principles of simplicity and it differs from the style of other smartglasses.

UNO has no camera, in order to protect privacy of people using it. It has low information density for a more effective action. It has monochromatic visualization of information and updates, to enhance readability and avoid eye stress. Scientific research and study of new technologies are not the only strengths of GlassUp UNO: Its availability in different colors and captivating style is able to seduce both, tech lover and latest trend followers.


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