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Ghost Pacer – A Holographic Training Partner will maximise your workout

Ghost Pacer – A Holographic Training Partner will maximise your workout. This is the future of running. With the help of Ghost Pacer Augmented Reality Glasses, a 3D holographic figure will appear in front of you that will help you to pace up and performance your best.

Designed by runners, these special pair of AR glasses can be used anywhere anytime. A virtual partner will appear in front of you, that you can monitor beforehand with the help of your smartphone. The Ghost Pacer – A Holographic Training Partner will drive you towards your target pace, and you will simply love it. The set of AR glasses pair is extremely light and comfortable and totally water and dust resistant.

Perfect pacing

With the help of Ghost Pacer, you can initially set the avatar to run at your target pace. This setting can be done based on your previous workout score, this time or next time you can gradually increase your pace. The avatar will help you reach your target and improve upon your pace each time.

Thousands of runs at your fingertips

With a number of built in routes and tracks, the Ghost Pacer companion app allows you to find routes and race them on the Ghost Pacer glasses. The company uses the power of Strava, you can create your own account to get access to all of the routes and race tracks details in the app.


Race with your friends even if you can’t train at the same time

The Ghost Pacer companion app enables you to race against your friends, even if they are not training at the same time with you. You can preset your friends’ pace in the avatar and then race against it as it will mimic their pace on a particular route.

Personalized workouts

The Ghost Pacer Companion App enables the runner to customize each and every work out. Each work out can be enhanced in a better way, with a new strategy aimed at improving performance. The app also has the capability of recording your previous data and statistics. Based on this history, it can create a special work out plan design only for you. These glasses can also integrate with your Apple Watch or Garmin device.

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