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Get Your Own Wearable Stress Coach with hidn tempo

hidn tempo: Get Your Personal Wearable Stress Coach

Get Your Own Wearable Stress Coach with hidn tempo

hidn tempo is an under-production watch band that permits you to monitor stress and manage it wherever you are. The project is currently up on kickstarter with the goal of kr172, 889, out of which kr81, 648 are already raised. The funding is active for another 10 days now and will close on Wed, Feb 24, 2016.

The hidn tempo contains a stress measuring watch band along with a watch combined with a mobile app that is capable of analyzing your behavior and stress. There are various sessions which guide the users regarding stress too. The design of the watch is beautiful and it measures you stress levels through various ways and helps you to gain control over it.

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Get Your Own Wearable Stress Coach with hidn tempo

The hidn tempo watchband monitors your stress level, sleep quality and activities throughout the day. The information is sent to the connected app which looks through your data and advice you about the actions you need to take and when. The wearable helps you recognize stress, manage your anxiety issues and reduce them in your daily life.

hidn tempo tracks your movements and measures your activities with the help of a 3D accelerometer. It measures your stress level with the help of GSR (galvanic skin response). By combining both, 3D accelerometer measurements and GSR hidn tempo produces outstanding analysis of your sleep quality. The program of training sessions and actions to reduce stress are custom made based on your stress profile. The program is developed by a team of leading therapists and psychologists in the fields of CBT and ACT-therapy.

Get Your Own Wearable Stress Coach with hidn tempo
Mix And Match Your Favorite colors for the Watch Band And The Watch

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hidn tempo will have white and black as Watch band options and steel, rose gold or black metal as Watch Case choices. The wrist band does all the stress measuring wonders, so you can attach it to any other similar lug width watch. The planned retail price is expected to be $199. The shipment for backers will start from September.

You can read more about its Kickstarter campaign from here.



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