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Get Form Feedback And 3D Workout Tracking With Enflux Smart Clothing

Enflux Smart Clothing

Smart Clothing is the most growing trend of the wearable tech. Wrist wearables are soon converting into standalone sensors and Smart clothing. However, most of the clothing wearables available are restricted to biometric fitness data tracking only. But, But Enflux’s Smart Clothing shows you a 3D avatar of your body, allowing you to see where you need improvement to fix your form.

The skin tight Enflux is made from a flexible polyester and Spandex blend. The perfect material has around ten sensors fitted inside that can track your movements in 3D. The motion and the changes are tracked whenever you exercise. The users can easily review their form and data afterwards and can see where their posture needs improvement. You can also enable an audio assistant to give you real-time feedback while you’re exercising.

Enflux Smart Clothing

There is an O2 reader along with sensors embedded in the shirt and pants which track your heart rate. There are individual buttons on the waist of the pants and the chest area of the shirt. Users have to press the buttons to activate the sensors and connect to the app automatically. With the help of the app, you can preload your routine, go into “freestyle” mode, or choose a workout to track.

The iPhone and Android app focus on exercise various aspects like weightlifting, plyometrics, and running — activities that are “common to athletes in training.” There is even a ghost animation that is present above the avatar when you perform different exercises like pushups, weightlifting, etc. The animation is there to keep a check and improve when you are differing from the ghost animation and try to line it up better.

Enflux Smart Clothing
Features Of Enflux Smart Clothing

The product is expected to load with more features and changes before its launch in 2017. While it is not ready for release, Enflux has been tested on 500 people, some of whom were fitness world-record holders.

The users will be able to charge Enflux shirt and pants with the help of USB cable. The battery will last around two weeks. The clothing is anti-odor, but you can still wash both pieces in a machine. Enflux’s Smart Clothing will retail for $400. But, the product is currently up on Kickstarter with smashing entry. The bundles up for crowdfunding are as low as $250. There are various sizes and multiple colors to choose from.

Enflux Smart Clothing

Enflux Smart clothing has already raised half of its expected sum in two days. With the introduction of the 3D Workout tracking for the first time, the clothing is a hit. We will have to wait a bit to find more about this product. Meanwhile, you can see more of the product and its Kickstarter campaign here.

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