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Get Basketball Analytics With MYagonism Chip-Wearable And App

Do you want to find out Innovative coaching basketball analytics that wins? MYagonism is here to provide you with all the details. The company simply feels that look for the right player, simply the top scorer. The company has an agenda to provide you with affordable basketball analytics which will definitely make you a star in this field.

Professional sports analytics tools are expensive, and it is expensive to hire data scientists, that is why most of the basketball coaches are busy tracking player statistics, manually. Or in some cases using wearables which do not provide right data. Additionally, some of the coaches don’t even have the skills to analyze data in the way they deserve.

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Get Basketball Analytics With MYagonism Chip-Wearable And App

As per MYagonism, it is a simple yet unique platform a standardized world-wide Data Base of high-quality data. The wearable hardware paired with the app will provide you services like simplifying data logging, analyzing data with a proprietary algorithm and displaying player’s true performance. There are many startups which have now introduced 3D player tracking; however, MYagonism has introduced the 3D tech in Europe for the first time.

The wearable device by the company tracks speed, acceleration, moves and so on. A small chip on the players’ shorts can track everything with less than 11 inches error and more than 50 times per second. The “Analytics Social Platform” of MYagonism stores all the players’ data and display all the information collected from the wearable into the app. Coaches, trainers, and even players will be able to access data without any hassle.

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Get Basketball Analytics With MYagonism Chip-Wearable And App

The connected MYagonism app tracks all the stats during the game and saves them on a cloud data base. There is also a strength conditioning app that lets the trainer of a team schedule games and training and sees players’ physical data analyze them and make a smart decision “for the next steps” in order to prevent injuries. 

MYagonism is the analytics service for 900 basketball clubs in the US and in more than 40 countries in the world with more than 2000 users including 10 or high pro clubs. The company aims at making the life of coaches and players’ better with its stats, analytics, and opinions. The startup aims to expand its services to the other games very soon.

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