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GEMIO- Teens personal wearable!

GEMIO- A wearable designed for teens!

Gemio is really one cool wearable! The bracelet-cum connectivity wearable is already termed as popular among teens and juveniles. It is the best social connection among teens.

Gemio is basically a friendship bracelet sort of wearable which is described as “a social wearable for teens” from its makers. Whoever owns a band, can connect with the other wearers through the hidden Bluetooth low energy connectivity and a mesh network.

The users can pair with each other through simple “teeny” gestures like high five, handshakes and claps etc. After the pairing, your gemio band will alert you once your other paired friends are within your reach. The detachable gems are the source through which you are alerted. The gems can be functioned with light effects from a palette of millions of colors.

The wearable also has a dedicated smartphone app through which you can send messages to your buddies. There are different designs, patterns and colors for distinctive message options.  It joins JewelBots and Linkitz in appealing to girls looking for fun tech accessories that help them to keep up with their mates.

The band is not only magnificent and customizable through phone application or the light patterns and detachable gems which are designed in the Gemio Design Studio app. But, the band itself can be modified and changed through range of selective colors and styles.

Michael Bettua, Gemio CEO said that,

“What matters to teens is self-expression. They are creative and innovative and want to design their own look. Today’s teens don’t buy brands, they are the brand. Gemio is the future of connected jewellery for teens, combining beautiful light effects and personalized design. It’s like no wearable you’ve seen before. Gemio sparkles with the twist of a wrist or point it at an outfit and it changes colors to match.”

The testimony of the CEO is quite promising. The features like the color changing factor truly appeases to the modern teens because nowadays everyone wants to pair the accessories perfectly with their outfit.

Gemio released today and is also up for order from the official site. No pricing details have yet been revealed. It remains to be seen that how this teen based product function in the sale oriented era!

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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