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Garmin’s Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

Garmin has unveiled its latest set of wearables. Just before MWC, the company revealed two new fitness trackers. The two new trackers are the Vivoactive HR with wrist-bound heart rate monitoring technology and Vivofit 3 with more affordable price and decent features.

Garmin's Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

Let’s see what these fitness trackers are up to offer us;


Garmin's Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

Starting from the Vivoactive HR, it has all the features of the original Vivoactive sports watch. The sports features are paired with a heart rate monitor and a new design. In appearance, it is quite similar to the Fitbit Surge. You can easily change out the color of the band, whenever you want. The new Vivoactive is slightly thicker than the predecessor. With the help of Garmin’s Elevate HRM, users can track and monitor the heart rate throughout the day. The users can even gauge their intensity during the workouts.

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Vivoactive HR is also capable of tracking intensity minutes, sleep, steps, floors climbed. It also has sport apps for tracking swimming, running, standup paddle-boarding, walking, golfing, skiing, biking, snowboarding and rowing; and it has a built-in GPS for mapping routes while you run or cycle. The Vivoactive also has an auto recognition feature for certain exercises. You won’t have to manually start tracking a workout when you run, cycle, swim, etc. The band will automatically know what you are doing and begin tracking.

With the help of Garmin’s app you will also be able to customize HR along with many other perks and changes. You will be able to keep a track of all your records and other performances with the help of Smartphone notifications.


Garmin's Vivoactive HR and Vivofit 3 Are For Perfect Fitness Tracking

The other contribution of the Garmin in the fitness tracking range was new Vivofit 3. The simple fitness tracker keeps record of your daily movements. The device has a more compact display and beautiful feel than its previous two predecessors. The Vivofit 3 is also a bit smaller than the Vivofit 2.

The wearable can easily monitor a lot of vitals with the help of Garmin IQ. The Vivofit 2 is capable of monitoring your steps, sleep, intensity minutes, distance and calories. The wearable will also adjust with your habits and will recommend you various ways to be fit and efficient than before.

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The Vivofit 3 is also water-resistant and can bear up to 50 meters in water. This means that the wearable I highly recommended for the swimmers. The device has nearly a one-year battery life. The Vivofit 3, like its predecessors, is a fresh and a stylish range with lots of colors and beautiful bands to choose from.

The new Garmin Vivoactive HR is priced at £209.99 while the Vivofit 3 will set you back £89.99. The availability of the fitness trackers is expected to be by second quarter of this year.

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