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Garmin’s new wearable for cyclists ensure safety on roads

After baseball, softball, basketball, athletics and football, cycling has got a wearable too. This initiative has been taken by the much popular name, Garmin. Garmin is a famed company based on Switzerland. It has subsides situated in UK, Taiwan and US too. The firm holds a lot of experience in fitting GPS navigation into different technologies and making them a part of your everyday life.

This time Garmin has fitted its expertise to give you riding perks with “Varia Vision”. Like many other wearables which surfaced these year, this wearable too was showed off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the Garmin booth. Varia Vision, as the name suggests, are the simple glasses for the cyclists. The glasses only weigh 28 grams. Also, they are weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about rain and dust storms etc.

Garmin’s new wearable for cyclists ensure safety on roads

For the hobbyist and other cyclers, it is necessary to stay in the line of their vision and follow the precision on the road. If the line of vision gets distracted the individual can suffer from serious accident. Varia Vision aims to give the wearers an in-sight display. The vision gives the users awareness regarding their line of vision.

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The glasses also include vibration alerts and customizable data screens to tell you about the performance, cycling awareness and navigation details etc. The “Smart Notification” feature also notifies the riders with calls and texts. The glasses prompt the wearer to stay focused on the road. The touch panel also makes it easy for the user to change data between different screens.

Also, if the glasses are paired with Varia rearview radar system, the cyclists are alerted when a vehicle is coming from behind. The wearer can also see color-coded graphical displays which will provide information like speed, distance, hear-rate and other vitals etc. The radar system will also allow the navigation screen to let you see approaching street names, direction and the distance till the next turn.

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Garmin’s new wearable for cyclists ensure safety on roads

Garmin Vice President of worldwide sales, Dan Bartel said that;

“We’re extremely excited to announce the next device in our line of innovative Varia cycling awareness products – the Varia Vision in-sight display. Cyclists can now easily view their data and receive alerts during a ride without needing to take their eyes off the road ahead.”

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As for the battery life, Varia Vision can run up to 8 hours straight. The glasses are available for $399.99. They are pricey but are good for those who want to have fun with healthy and safe cycling.


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